End-Slice Vegetable Ivory (Tagua Nut) Necklace

End-Slice Vegetable Ivory (Tagua Nut) Necklace

  • Tagua nut from Columbia

  • sterling silver twist-link chain

Tagua nuts are extremely hard and dense seeds of particular palm trees in South America. It is also known as vegetable ivory because of its resemblance to animal ivory. The end-slices will not have the natural crack in middle of the piece. You will receive a pendant with a flat, solid surface like in the picture.

*Note: Wood grain varies from piece to piece. You will not receive this exact pair with this exact grain, but you will receive a pair equally as beautiful. None of our woods are painted or stained. These are the natural colors & grains of the wood. Each piece is simply sealed with clear organic jojoba oil.

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